Status Automation Name Messages Message Stats Actions
Active Inactive {{automation.Name}}
{{automation.CandidateCount | number}} contacts in automation
{{automation.MessageCount == 1 ? 'Message' : 'Messages'}}
{{automation.EmailsSent | number}}
{{automation.EmailOpenRate | number}}%
{{automation.EmailClickRate | number}}%
{{automation.JobViewRate | number}}%
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Blank Automation

Start from scratch and pick your own settings

Single Email

Easily send out a single email


Re-engage with your candidates or clients with regular messaging

Job Seeker

When a candidate views a job, notify their recruiters then send a short series of weekly messages


Ensure a smooth onboarding and regularly engage with your consultants on a contract


When a contract is coming to an end, notify the recruiter and start communicating with the candidate

Top Leads

Stay in regular contact with your best leads with alternating call tasks and emails

New Leads

If new candidates or contacts aren’t contacted within 3 days, start to automate communication

How will contacts enter this automation? (Optional)
  • {{list.Description}}
  • None
  • {{list.Description}}
  • None

Contacts should enter the automation daily in even groups

Begins contact's

Contact no longer matches list criteria, do they...